Agreement of Sale

I’m not going to give you a sixteen page agreement to go through like the the one when you update iTunes. In simple language, I want what’s good and fair for both of us. So…

An agreement of sale shall be entered between yourself (“the Buyer”) and me, Werner van Rooyen (“the Seller”)


1. The Seller sells and transfers the the Buyer the motor vehicle depicted and described on the website:

  • Vehicle: Volkswagen, Polo Playa
  • Year: 2001
  • Registration: 247-450 CA

2. The Seller warrants that he has full rights and authority to sell and transfer the vehicle and indemnifies the Buyer against ejectment.

3. The Seller warrants that the vehicle is sold free of liens and encumbrances.

4. The vehicle is sold as-is: voetstoots (as my people like to say)

5. The Seller shall sign the necessary forms and documentation to enable the vehicle to be registered in the name of the Buyer.

6. The vehicle can be inspected at the Seller’s domicile or mutually agreed-upon location.

7. All costs related to the delivery of the vehicle, documentation, inspections and delivery shall be borne by the Buyer.

8. The vehicle is for sale for the Bitcoin (XBT) equivalent of R44,000 (forty four thousand South African rand).

9. Payment shall only be accepted via this website or via a Bitcoin wallet address. The transaction shall require at least 6 (six) confirmations on the Bitcoin Blockchain to authenticate the transfer of funds.

10. The sale of the car is private –the Seller is not transacting as a registered business– and therefore the transaction doesn’t fall within the ambit of the Consumer Protection Act.